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May 24, 2023

In this episode Jef, Josh and Brian find themselves back in the land of beautiful blue denim. That's right, you guessed it CANADA!!  The crew is outside of an upscale clothing store waiting for their newest experimental Jeans to drop. But as the FM3 rush the doors to get their asses in some fancy pants they are met with a blood soaked army of killer denim. The guys have two choices: battle the blue jeans or figure out why the denim is on a murderous rampage. Quick decisions were made and the guys figured when would be the next time they could fight some haunted pants...So weapons were gathered and The Forever Midnight crew put up a good fight but alas the ghost pants kicked their butts and drank their butt blood. This episode is dedicated to the best damn horror podcast there ever was...hopefully they are looking down on you from the big jean shorts in the sky hoping you enjoy this episode.