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Dec 25, 2014

In this special holiday episode, we talk about the best xmas horror film, Bob Clark’s ‘Black Christmas’ from 1974, as well as ‘Silent Night, Deadly Night’ (1984), New Years Evil (1980), and the reissue of the 1971 classic ‘Tales From The Crypt’. Now, sneak away from your family and giggle your Shitmas away...

Dec 21, 2014

Finally, the episode you’ve all been waiting for - The FM3 along with friend and writer, Michael Conrad discuss the films of King Kong, from 1933 to 2005, with a focus on the 1976 remake. No? Weird, you say? Well not to worry, because we rip this month’s ‘The Pyramid’ Anubis one, as well! Get it?

Dec 4, 2014

In this episode, the FM3 discuss this year’s “The Taking Of Deborah Logan”, and the recently released Director’s Cut of Clive Barker’s classic, “Nightbreed”. Also, our rave review XTRO, the UK-made 1982 gem that knocks E.T. on its sorry ass. Plus, witness the inception of the soon-to-be-panned Forever...