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May 16, 2023

In this episode, Jef, Josh and Brian hop in the not so way-back machine and travel to the 1990's. The mission was to see the aftermath of a post "Scream" world where every studio and director just wanted the hottest young doofs in Hollywood and had a total and complete lack of ideas and love for the genre. The FM3 crash landed in 1998 trying to get there in time to disrupt the making of Urban Legend in hopes of ending the production but alas they were too late and they arrived on opening day September 25th, 1998. As they saw the young people pouring in to watch UL1, they decided to finally give it a watch...what you are about to hear is an account of what befell this group of horror podcasters, it is all more tragic that they were old and jaded and knew this movie was gonna be dog shit, but they could not have expected nor would they have wished to see any more "Scream" rip-offs. For them an idyllic time travelling afternoon would become a nightmare as they could not stop or reverse the ripples these types of films would make for years and years to come...   

(If you want to hear just the talk about Urban Legend Start at 23:20)