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Sep 22, 2022

In this episode Jef, Josh and Brian get an airbnb for a fun weekend of Horror films and Podcasting. But when they show up to the house there is another horror podcast already renting the spot! What the heck are the odds?! They decide to share the house but are suspicious of each other and unaware of the horrors that lurk beneath the house. They all try to sleep but are awakened by strange sounds and movements. Maybe that other podcast is only here to sabotage the FM podcast equipment, or maybe they are only there to diddle the FM3. Could the Forever Midnight crew be so lucky?! Naw, it's probably something far scarier, stinkier and stranger. Against all odds the crew manage to squeak out an episode talking about a wild ass film they just saw that almost mirrors their current predicament, the 2022 Zach Gregger film "Barbarian"!