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Oct 5, 2020

In this episode, the FM3 hop into the old Canadian cargo van and end up making poutine out of a wicked-ass manwolf that leapt into the road after attacking Ginger, a morose tweenage girl and her sister in a nearby playground. Aside from some weird growths and funky hair, Ginger seems to be just fine. Her sister, on the other paw, believes otherwise, and tries to track down a cure for an increasingly horny Ginger before she gets too big and sketchy. Halloween, plus a full moon are right around the corner, so you just know shit is gonna get lumpy and bumpy - and boy does she ever... 
Aside from lady werewolves (whatwolves? whywolves?) the crew talk about monstrous  genitalia at length, and how they just want more of it. A pretty standard trip to The Great White North. Awwooooooooo!!