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Feb 2, 2023

In this Episode the FM3 are back in the saddle after some bouts of the rona. Feeling less like zombies now and excited to see each other's faces they talk about what they have been doing the last couple weeks, looking at mummy toes, gettin' all hot and steamy watchin' 80's flicks and trippin' out trying to decipher the cryptic Skinamarink. Finally the crew sit down to talk about the Patreon pick they have been forced to watch, the indie zombie film "It Stains the Sands Red". What they think is going to be another cookie cutter zombie movie turns into quite the opposite and Josh, Brian and especially Jef were happy to see it go a different direction. So sit back, grab some water and your ziplock baggie full of coke as the Forever Midnight crew trek into the dirty, dusty unforgiving deserts of Nevada just trying to get back home. (If you want to Just hear the discussion on "It Stains The Sands Red" go to the 27:30 minute mark)