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Dec 4, 2013

It has been a while since we last recorded an episode (featuring the amazing Michael Grais), and I assure you, the lapse in time had nothing to do with laziness. We've been hard at work on many other projects, including some new stuff for Forever Midnight that we can't wait to show you! But finally it's here... Episode 5. Let the soothing sounds of our voices take you away while we bash the shit out of the brand new remake of Carrie. Sure, its not all bad, and there are some people out there that did like it ... but give it a listen. We might just change your mind. Somehow though, I think we will just be preaching to the choir. It's a fun episode, no matter what side you stand on. All are welcome, and....

..."they're all gonna laugh at you!"

-Forever Midnight

carrie-1976-poster.jpg carrie-poster05.jpg