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May 30, 2024

In this episode Jef, Josh and Brian decide to go looking for some 'new flesh' and find it in the shape of a 1980's Betamax skin tape called "Videodrome".  That's right, The FM3 are finally diving into the greasy, grimey underbelly of David Cronenberg's classic wank starring James "Ashtray" Woods and the queen herself Debbie Harry! This is one of those movies that has so much of what Forever Midnight wants when they are knockin' on the door of sleazy 80's horror. The pulsating TV is bursting at the seams with organic guns, sleazy porn vibes, Lumps, bumps, cigarette chumps and just a pinch of social commentary to make this cult fave stand the test of time. So slap your altered reality helmet on cause the boys are visiting Uncle Cronenberg this week!!