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Jan 19, 2023

The FM3 have been unable to record as of late so they figured for this week they would hit you with an episode that was until now only available on their exclusive Patreon! There are a ton of episodes over at if you want more of the shenanigans that these three Ding Dongs get into while talking about horror and humanity. With that said, In this episode the Forever Midnight crew tackle the infamous classic "Street Trash". This movie is filled to the brim with toxic Viper Liquor and you know that could only mean two things: folks getting schmelted and illegal junkyard antics by all the sociopathic uggos that Jersey and NYC could offer in 1987. Don't you want a little taste of the glory?, see what it tastes like? or at least see what the wonderful Patrons on Patreon get to squirt into their ear holes each month? I think you do! A little peek behind the curtain if you will. Enjoy! (Originally uploaded to Patreon on August 31, 2021)