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May 9, 2024

In this episode, Jef, Josh and Brian have their poison picked for them once again by one of their wonderful Top Dawg Patrons over at Patreon! That poison is actually venom this time around and it comes from the ass end of some giant wasps in the 2015 horror comedy "STUNG"! What more could the FM3 ask for? This flick has giant ass creatures, crazy gore, Lance Henricksen & Clifton Collins Jr. plus a beautiful wasp nest castle in the middle of the German countryside, too bad it's not an Air-Bee-N-Bee!! Check out "STUNG" over on Prime Video then sit back and listen as the dudes talk all things creepy crawly but not before Josh regails the crew with a story about getting stung as a wee lad by a root beer sippin' wasp! So don't be a Buzzkill and miss out as Forever Midnight brings the sting!! You have been warned!