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Oct 19, 2020

Well, we’re in the throes of October, and even though EVERY month is a spewky month for the FM3, they’re getting into the Halloween spirit and honing their horror selections for the season, starting with 1986’s “Trick Or Treat”! Eddie (Skippy from Family Ties) is a heavy metal loner, and full-blown halloweenis (who the FM3 can relate to completely), whose only reason for living is to someday meet his glam-shockin’, snake-blood-chuggin’ idol, Sammi Curr. After Curr and friends burn to a crisp while criss-cross-applesauce in a hotel-floor pentangle, Eddie plays the final Sammi Curr record backwards, and bingo - he meets Sammi and his wishes are granted! Here’s to hoping that this joyous eighties thrillride tickles your underputty as much as it did the FM3’s!