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Jul 22, 2019

Inviting Horror Fan, Musician & Brewer, Shane Goepel to co-host Forever Midnight with us is a celebration of our nearly two decades of friendship, and something the FM3 have wanted to do for a very long time. Not-so-coincidentally, Shane is Co-Owner of HenHouse Brewing Company in Sonoma County, who (as part of their ‘Conspiracy IPA’ series) are releasing a pair of ‘Shining’ themed beers this week: “Kubrick’s Landing”, and its session beer companion, “Hedge Maze.” What better way to really dissect “The Shining” - one of our culture’s most treasured scary stories? Well, a better way would have been to watch the original, but instead, we chose Mick Garris & Stephen King’s made-for-television adaptation of “The Shining” for this epic 2-part episode. So crack a cold one, and join us for the VHS-1 of… “The Shaning.”