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Apr 30, 2024

In this episode the FM3 talk about their first ever winner of the Forever Midnight Film series "Dece or Fece" audience choice award! The First Friday of each month the Forever Midnight crew gets together at the Landmark opera Plaza Theater in San Francisco with their friend Trixxie Carr to host a fun new horror film series! As part of the show before the movie Jef, Josh and Brian each pick a trailer for a movie they have not seen, and only each of them has seen their trailer pick, so they watch the trailers with the audience, talk about their predictions and let the audience pick the movie that will be an episode before the next First Friday. The winner this time around was "Microwave Massacre" and holy crab sandwiches, this movie is bonkers! Hahaha! You can watch Microwave Massacre now on TUBI, Night Flight, Arrow Streaming and for rent on Youtube, AppleTV! If you wanna come out and support your dudes, The first Friday of each month they will be at the Landmark Opera Plaza Theater San Francisco showing some of their favorite horror movies! They hope to see ya there!