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Mar 8, 2024

In this episode Josh and Brian's favorite 90's horror kid turns into a 90's horror man on the eve of his Birthday! That's right Forever Midnight's very own Jef overn turned 40 and In what is becoming tradition,The guys had the birthday boy choose a flick for the crew to watch and talk about. Jef without hesitation chose the 1994 scary hairy wolfman movie "Wolf" starring Jack Nicholson as the titular WOOF!! The FM3 never realized how much they would enjoy seeing old Jackie boy with a couple fists full of short and curlies! This newer more modern take on the Wolfman story also stars Michelle Pfiefer and James Spader both literally chewing up their scenes, making this 90's movie monster installment one worth checking out. If only to see a wild ass revenge story featuring a wolfman with a receding hairline! ahhhwooooo!!!