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Oct 20, 2023

In this episode, The FM3 have their poison served up warm and squiggly by a wonderful top level Patron from Patreon. The poison in this case is the polarizing 1981 film "Possession" by writer/director Andrzej Zulawski. Jef, Josh and Brian are finally ready to tackle this legendary movie at least in the public's ears. They may have recorded an episode talking about this very movie some time back and it was lost in the fog and sadness of different days. That being said, If you happen to be a patron on Patreon, that original recording will be getting uploaded and then you will get to hear the crew's initial reactions and feelings as they were also having a tough day at the old podcasting office. This is one of those films that will forever change you- good or bad, It WILL change you. Some folks end up not liking it which is understandable and other folks will end up obsessed digging into the dark depths of the interwebs for any tiny nugget of insight into this crazy ass film.