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Oct 5, 2023

In this episode Jef, Josh and Brian dip into a new movie that a lot of listeners were talking about and wanted us to check out. The ookie spookie spider filled 2023 romp "Cobweb"! The crew pretty much went into this one super cold and not sure what to expect, but with a name like "Cobweb" the crew knew they were in store for some creepy crawly action. This one turned out to be a full on Halloween movie as well, so now that it's pumpkin' season, get your friends together and add this to the Halloween playlist! However Listeners, please oh please watch this one before you listen - we spoil it as usual, but this movie is way better not knowing all the shit! You have been warned! hahah So sit back, push play and LET YOUR HAIR DOWN...wink wink... The FM crew is back with another one!