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Jul 21, 2022

In this week's episode Jef, Josh and Brian remember way back, when they bought a cute little baby gator from a leathery one armed man and couldn't wait to spend their lives raising it. Things were going well with their new pet for about 24 hours but then an angry dad ran into the research center and flushed our little guy down the toilet. Trying to cope with this tragedy the crew started Podcasting and passed the years talking about such horror films as ALLIGATOR (1980). Then the rumors started, day after day the FM3 would hear stories and legends of a 36 foot long monster that lived in the sewers of Santa Rosa. In an unsurprising twist instead of a giant lizard it turned out just to be a huge turd, the bastard clogged turd of a dozen horror movie nerds. How crazy would it have been if it was their sweet baby gator living in the sewer all grownast and bloodthirsty!?! That would have been awesome!