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Jan 18, 2021

In this week’s episode, the cosmonauts over at Forever Midnight got a distress call from a “Forbidden World” (1982), so they flipped the tiny hyperspace switch, wiggled around for a few minutes and were there in a jiffy to investigate! What they didn’t expect was having to battle a wicked-ass space-mutant made of trashbags, vaseline and some massive styrofoam teeth. Luckily for the (forbidden) world’s best horror hosts, they used their vast scientific knowledge and punched at the mutant with a honkin’ cancer steak until the monster chundered fro-yo all over the lab. When innards become outtards, it’s pretty much a typical day for the FM3. Now it’s time to hit the sauna and show everyone our scars… it’s tough saving the universe one episode at a time, but some podcast’s gotta do it!